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Release Date:
April 2023
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Last updated:
May 2024
System Requirements:
OS X 10.13+
Windows 10+
iOS 12+
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Magic MIDI Modulation

Are you ready to add a little “Mmmph” to your music production?
Look no further than MMM - the Magic Midi Modulator that’s so good, you’ll be saying mmMMMmm all day long!

Listen up, fellow music magicians - if you want to be the ruler of your MIDI universe, look no further than MMM! This powerful tool can control anything that accepts MIDI CC - soft synths, plugins and hardware that you wished had modulation, and even that vintage lava lamp you’ve been using as a makeshift MIDI controller. And with its numerous knobs, sliders, and xy pads, you’ll feel like a futuristic space DJ in no time.

But that’s not all! With MMM’s innovative modulation system, you can add modulation to your synths or effects and create sounds that will make Mozart roll over in his grave. Customize your LFOs, shape your waveforms, and even modulate based on the amplitude or pitch of a source signal. With MMM, the modulation possibilities are endless!

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on MMM and start creating music that will make all the other producers green with envy. And who knows? Maybe your lava lamp will finally have a purpose beyond just being a funky decoration.

What’s the difference between MMM and MMMm?

If possible, use MMM, because it contains all the modulators one can need. However some setups require MIDI FX. That’s where MMMm comes into play: due to the lack of an audio input it doesn’t contain any envelope followers, but it is a MIDI FX fully compatible with DAWs like Logic Pro or AUM.
Both plugins use the same license key on Desktop.

Audio InputYesNo
Audio OuputYesNo
MIDI InputYesYes
MIDI OutputYesYes
Envelope FollowersYesNo
VST3 SpecEffectInstrument
AAX SpecEffectInstrument
AUv2 SpecEffect (aufx)MidiProcessor (aumi)
AUv3 SpecEffect (aufx)MidiProcessor (aumi)

Tech Specs

  • 24 MIDI CC sends simultaneously
  • 24 Modulators arranged in 2 banks
  • 2 XY Pads
  • 2 Vertical Sliders
  • 2 Horizontal Sliders
  • 16 Rotary Knobs
  • Send MIDI CC messages to any device or the plugin’s internal MIDI output


Built-In Modulation

Our revolutionary modulation system, seamlessly integrated for your convenience. It offers simplicity in operation, allowing you to effortlessly modulate any parameter with precision. With the flexibility to customize modulation depth individually for each parameter you have complete control over your desired effects. Each modulator offers a skewable amount, sample and hold, and unipolar/bipolar functionality.
Unleash your creativity with an array of built-in generators, including LFOs, Random Generators, and even a custom LFO that empowers you to draw your own unique shapes. Additionally, our comprehensive collection of followers, such as Amp Follower, Pitch Follower, and advanced Spectral Followers like Spectral Brightness, enable dynamic and responsive modulation like never before. 1 dimension is not enough? We added 2D modulators like 2D LFO, 2D Random, 2D Strange Attractors and 2D Double Pendulum so you can even use chaotic dynamic systems as a modulation source.
Also now available on iOS: 3D Motion lets you control parameters using the gyroscope / accelerometer!

Full list of Modulators


  • LFO
  • CustomLFO
  • Random
  • Macro
  • Camera (Desktop only)
  • 2D LFO
  • 2D Random
  • 2D Strange Attractor
  • 2D Double Pendulum
  • 3D Motion (iOS only)


  • Amp
  • Pitch
  • Spectral Brightness
  • Spectral Centroid
  • Spectral Flatness
  • Spectral Flux
  • ZeroCrossing