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Release Date:
March 2022
Current Version:
Last updated:
December 2022
System Requirements:
OS X 10.13+
Windows 10+
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Do we need yet another delay?

Of course! We need thousands of delays all working in concert and in high fidelity. That’s why we bring you MagicDelay, the multi-curve spectral delay with a built-in modulation system. Easily and quickly create separate delay times per frequency, or ranges of frequencies. Mix them, modulate them, spread them, run wild, and create original beautiful delays to enrich your sounds.

If you would like to jump right in and find out all it can do check out the MagicDelay Quickstart Guide .

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Artist Presets

We proudly include presets from the artists CID RIM , Cristian Vogel & DataBroth .

What Are The Big Ideas?

The following sections briefly describe the core capabilities of MagicDelay for shaping your own unique delay and bringing it alive. Follow the links to go deeper and learn more.

Curve Editor

Controlling thousands of delay times sounds complicated, but we made this process really simple. At the heart of MagicDelay is the Curve Editor where you can draw up to 4 separate curves and fluently morph between them using the adjacent XY pad.

For a full explanation of curve editing check out our Curve Editor Quickstart Guide .


Sync your delay times to your DAW is quick and easy. In just a few seconds you can have, for example, a regular eighth delay for the low-mids and a dotted eighth delay for the highs, or any other combination you can think of!


A great delay needs a great modulation system. Just open up the modulation panel by clicking on an empty modulation slot and get going with a few quick clicks!

For a quick tour of the modulation system check out our Modulation System Quickstart Guide .

The modulation system offers a large range of modulation sources:

  • LFOs
  • Random generators
  • Envelope followers (amplitude, pitch, brightness, and more)

In addition, the followers can bet set to respond to side-chain inputs. Do you want to modulate the delay of your lead track by using the brightness of your drum track? No problem in our modulation system.

It’s all there and very quick and easy to use.

To experience the magic, listen to some examples below or just download and install the plugin and try it yourself immediately!

Artful Noise - Dry
Artful Noise - MagicDelay

Acoustic Guitar - Dry
Acoustic Guitar - MagicDelay

Big Beat - Dry
Big Beat - MagicDelay

Vocals & Organ - Dry
Vocals & Organ - MagicDelay

One Key Ligeti - Dry
One Key Ligeti - MagicDelay

Reviews Article from March 1st 2022 | GS-DSP Magic Delay: multi-curve spectral delay with built-in modulation

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