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September 2022
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May 2024
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OS X 10.13+
Windows 10+
iOS 12+
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Spectral Blur & Freeze FX

MagicBlur is a multi-curve spectral blur and freeze effect with a built-in modulation system. Turn your samples into a synthesiser to create lush atmospheric sounds, endless worlds of overtone glissandi, crazy reversed and glitch-like sounds - it’s all there!

Easily and quickly apply separate blur times per frequency, or ranges of frequencies. Mix them, modulate them, spread them, run wild, and create original spectral transformations from subtle reverberish washed out sounds to extreme effects on the brink of insanity.

What the heck is a Spectral Blur?

First we need to understand what a spectral frame is. The incoming audio signal is chopped into small pieces, where each piece is getting analysed for the individual frequencies it is composed of. This process transforms your audio into a series of so called spectral frames, which can be converted back to form your audio signal again. Just like how a video appears to flow seamlessly, it’s actually a rapid succession of individual frames, or pictures, played back really fast.

Let’s stick to the video analogy to explain the Blur effect now: Instead of playing every frame you would just pick a single frame every few seconds and then start to gradually change each pixel to slowly culminate in that frame. Then you pick the next frame, and so on…
The time between the current and the next frame is called the Blur Time.

Blur Time

Now in our case it’s not a series of video frames, but a series of spectral frames, and instead of gradually changing pixels we seamlessly morph the frequency content of one spectral frame to the next. But we can even do better! We are not limited to a single blur time - we can define separate blur times per frequency!

Optionally you can deactivate the morphing part, holding each frame until the next one is picked, and turn the whole thing into a spectral freezer. And if that’s not cool enough (no pun intended) you can even reverse the morph direction, apply envelopes and shift the pitch to create unique sounding effects never heard before.

Artist Presets by

CID RIM Cristian Vogel DataBroth Zanshin

Tech Specs

  • BlurTime controlled by Curve
  • 4 Algorithms: Percussive, Mixed, Tonal, LushMode
  • Blur Direction
  • Freeze
  • Envelope: Exponential Attack to Exponential Decay
  • PitchShift: +-24 semitones with step lock
  • Lowpass and Highpass Filter
  • Gain
  • DryWet

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The ultimate solution for precise audio parameter control across frequencies. Imagine it as an EQ, except instead of adjusting volume for each frequency, the curve wields its power over another parameter such as delay time or pitch shift - pure Magic!
Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the CurveEditor makes it easy for both beginners and professionals to navigate. Quickly copy, invert or randomise curves, ensuring a seamless creative process without any disruptions. With support for up to 4 input curves, you have unprecedented flexibility at your fingertips. Seamlessly morph between these curves using the dynamic XY Pad, and witness your audio transform in real-time. It’s like having an entire sound palette at your command.

But that’s not all. Our CurveModifier takes audio manipulation to the next level by providing advanced stereo manipulation capabilities. You can effortlessly invert, shift, and skew the curve in stereo, unlocking new dimensions of spatial control and enhancing the depth and richness of your sound. Syncing curves to BPM values requires just a simple click of a button. And as if that weren’t enough already, our built-in modulation system allows you to modulate every parameter of the CurveModifier, further expanding its capabilities.

Built-In Modulation

Our revolutionary modulation system, seamlessly integrated for your convenience. It offers simplicity in operation, allowing you to effortlessly modulate any parameter with precision. With the flexibility to customize modulation depth individually for each parameter you have complete control over your desired effects. Each modulator offers a skewable amount, sample and hold, and unipolar/bipolar functionality.
Unleash your creativity with an array of built-in generators, including LFOs, Random Generators, and even a custom LFO that empowers you to draw your own unique shapes. Additionally, our comprehensive collection of followers, such as Amp Follower, Pitch Follower, and advanced Spectral Followers like Spectral Brightness, enable dynamic and responsive modulation like never before. 1 dimension is not enough? We added 2D modulators like 2D LFO, 2D Random, 2D Strange Attractors and 2D Double Pendulum so you can even use chaotic dynamic systems as a modulation source.
Also now available on iOS: 3D Motion lets you control parameters using the gyroscope / accelerometer!

Full list of Modulators


  • LFO
  • CustomLFO
  • Random
  • Macro
  • Camera (Desktop only)
  • 2D LFO
  • 2D Random
  • 2D Strange Attractor
  • 2D Double Pendulum
  • 3D Motion (iOS only)


  • Amp
  • Pitch
  • Spectral Brightness
  • Spectral Centroid
  • Spectral Flatness
  • Spectral Flux
  • ZeroCrossing