We’ve updated the magic series MagicDelay , MagicPitch and MagicPitch to version 2022.5.

Just download the new installer by clicking here or from any of the product pages!

New Features



Upon popular request we’ve added a MixLock to MagicDelay and MagicBlur. While the lock is active, changing the preset won’t change your DryWet parameter - neat!

New tooltip system

The tooltips can now be turned on or off by clicking the ‘?’ icon in the header. Also we improved the text bubble showing the tooltip.


We added a subcategory field. You can now spot on first sight in which subcategory a preset is. Also user presets can now be managed through this. We removed the old way of manually adding folders in your user presets folder.

Import / Export presets

Preset Settings

You can now easily export presets and save the zip file somewhere else, for example in the cloud space of your choice. If you are working on a different device you can then easily import all your presets by selecting that zip file.

And more!

  • Added a little legend to the Curve Editor showing 50Hz, 1000Hz and 20kHz
  • Set the ‘gsdsp_internal’ to non-automatable so it doesn’t pop up in Ableton when assigning controllers

Improvements / Bug fixes

  • Improved UI layout
  • Improved UI look (rounded corners for menus, nicer curve menus, etc.)
  • Improved notifying host about changes in the plugin
  • Fixed a bug in the Curve shift modifier