We’ve updated MagicDelay to version 2022.2 and MagicPitch to version 2022.1. Although this is a minor update we’ve included some nice new features to extend the ways you can work with our plugins.

Just download the new installer by clicking here or from any of the product pages!

New Features

Camera Modulator

Camera Modulator

Wait, what? A camera as modulator? Exactly! Pretty experimental (unfortunately some DAWs might not be able to handle it) but great fun! You can either track brightness or change and you can use as many cameras as you want.

CustomLFO modulator

Custom LFO

Tired of the standard LFO shapes? Just create your own using our CurveEditor! Your imagination is the limit.

More tuplets

Everybody knows Triplets but there is more! Initially we just wanted to add 5-tuplets, but then we saw huge potential and decided to crank the tuplets up to 11!

And more!

  • Added Sync option to Generators in the modulation system so you are able to reset on playback start
  • Added Sample & Hold functionality to each modulator and globally
  • Added the possibility to switch between modulators without leaving the mapping mode
  • The CurveEditor now also displays a note value and we slightly improved the text formatting
  • CurveEditor menu doesn’t close when clicking on invert or randomise
  • Plugins don’t resize anymore when changing preset

Improvements / Bug fixes

  • Improved Undo behaviour
  • Improved parameter automation
  • Improved preset dirty check
  • Fixed a bug in the SpectralBrightness Follower
  • Exclude InputLevel, OutputLevel & Algorithm parameters from presets
  • Invert LFO Skew to match with the CurveModifier Skew
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the XY Pad from automation in some hosts
  • Fixed a bug in MagicPitch that allowed you to turn all buttons off for Pitch/Frequency Range
  • Improved logo resolution for HiDPI displays