Let’s shed some light on what makes MagicBlur so magic and different from other spectral blur & freeze effects. You should follow this Quickstart Guide with the plugin open and fed with some sample input so you can try it yourself.

Start by opening the preset QuickGuide / 01 Basic Blur.

The curve (or in this case the horizontal line) in the Curve Editor shows the blur time as a function of frequency. Since it is a horizontal line all frequencies share the same blur time. The blur time defines the time between spectral snapshots. Give it a listen and play a bit with it by moving the line. In addition you can reverse the blur direction and/or reduce the algorithm to a spectral freeze. If the result is too clear make sure to check out the Lush Mode, a special type of algorithm for lush and reverb type of sounds.

If you need help with the Curve Editor you should check out our Quickstart Guide - The Curve Editor .

So far so good, but that’s not everything. Now open the preset QuickGuide / 02 Envelope and play around with the envelope control. The applied envelope is displayed on top of the knob. Notice that in this preset we are syncing the blur times to a BPM related grid, which you can define in the bottom left of the CurveEditor.

Now that we are getting a feeling for this effect, let’s see what happens if we start to change the curve defining the blur times.

Load the preset QuickGuide / Curve controls Blur and you should see that we are now using four horizontal lines. Remember, the x-axis represents frequency and the y-axis represents blur time. Play around with different blur times by dragging the lines up and down. Also there is a PitchShift and a DryWet control, a HighPass and a Lowpass Filter, and finally a Gain control.

You can also drag the vertical line in the centre of the curve horizontally in order to change the crossover frequency between the bands or insert more bands by adding more steps. Or create any Curve you can think of and morph between them using the XY Pad like in all our Magic plugins.

Enjoy exploring and creating new sounds with the near endless possibilities MagicBlur has to offer!