We deliver the complex power of
Spectral Audio Processing
to creators of unique sound.

GS DSP is short for Gustav Scholda Digital Signal Processing and was founded by Gustav Scholda in 2020.

Some know GS DSP for its plugins FRQ•Shift and spctrl•eq in collaboration with the great people at Tonsturm . Some know Gustav for his Kyma related work at Cristian Vogel’s NeverEngineLabs . Some don’t know anything about that, and it doesn’t really matter.
What does matter is that in 2021 James Swift joined the company, and together we are now able to deliver you state-of-the-art audio plugins to manipulate your sound from subtle to extreme in a user-friendly way.


  • GS DSP
    Gustav Scholda
    Hamerlingplatz 8/8


UI Design & Graphics

Samo Korošec

Beta Testing

Alan Jackson, Alex Retsis aka Qebo, Andreas Frostholm, Casey Genton, Charlie Norton, Clemens Bacher aka CID RIM, Cristian Vogel, David Schreiber-Ranner, Gerd Funabiki-Senz, Herbert Pirker, Ian Fenton, Jim O’Rourke, Knut Kaulke, Peter Vorlaender, Spandex, Neil Wells, Randy Jones, Sudara

Thanks to

Andrea, Clemens Radauer, Julia Scholda-Baumhackl, Pete Johnston, Waltraud, Willibald Rosner