GS DSP Audio Plugins & Workstations

Unique Sounds Need Unique Tools

Tired of the same old effects? Our innovative audio plugins will take you on a journey beyond your wildest sonic dreams!

  • Spectral Audio Processes designed by Gustav Scholda
  • Built-in Modulation System including Envelope Followers
  • Fully functional trial versions without any registration hassle

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Main Features

Unique Sound

Years of dedicated development have gone into perfecting our spectral audio processes. Experience unmatched sound quality with our innovative audio algorithms.

Easy To Use

Our plugins share a unified user interface, ensuring that once you know how to navigate one, you’ll effortlessly master them all.

All Platforms

All our products are available as
VST3, AU, AAX & AUv3 on
Windows, Mac & iOS.


LFOs, Random Generators, Amp & Pitch Followers and more! With our built-in modulation system, you can modulate everything, to create an audio experience that is dynamic and exciting.

Free Trial

Experience our products before making a purchase. Just download the installer and try them.
No signups, no nonsense, no hassle.

Custom Design

Personalize your audio plugin experience with the ability to choose from various skins and sizes.

Try or update for FREE
on Windows and macOS!

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Magic Series

With an EQ, you can adjust volume per frequency, but imagine the wonders you could create by applying the same sorcery to any audio effect parameter!
The impossible becomes possible in the realm of our Magic Series, our state-of-the-art Spectral Audio Processing Workstations.

Get our full range of magic plugins with a 30% discount!


Latest Releases

The Power of Destruction

Saturator | Bitcrusher | Ringmodulator | Downsampler

Down the rabbit hole into the very essence of distortion, where every tweak and turn unveils a subterranean realm of gritty textures and rich harmonics!

Quantum Distortion

Introducing the Quantum Series

Stereo Delay / Echo

Picture this: A classic stereo delay with feedback, a vintage treasure for the ages, now fused with the most transcendent, mind-bending modulation system you’ve ever encountered!

Quantum Delay

MMMm is now available for FREE

MMMm is MMM’s little brother: No envelope followers, but you can insert it as MIDI FX in DAWs like Logic Pro or AUM - everything for your convenience!

Are you ready to add a little “Mmmph” to your music production?


What others say

GS DSP are more than a plugin, like all great effects analog and digital, it really becomes an instrument that you can play, bypassing the passive and going hands on to shape sound. These have become constant companions in my shows and in the studio, repeatedly revealing new surprises the more I play with them.

Jim O'Rourke

Jim O'Rourke

Musician, Producer

GS DSP Plugins stand out as a set of spectral processors done properly. That means powerful analysis-based modulations that you just don’t see in other plugins. The interfaces are fun and simple to use too, making spectral effect processing straightforward to explore.

Cristian Vogel

Cristian Vogel

Musician, Producer

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