Unique Sounds Need Unique Tools

Our custom audio algorithms will take you on a journey beyond your wildest sonic dreams! Years of dedicated development have gone into perfecting our spectral audio processes, and we continue to enhance them with each update.
With our built-in modulation system, you can modulate everything, to create an audio experience that is dynamic and exciting. Say goodbye to generic effects and hello to unparalleled creativity with our cutting-edge plugins.

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Main Features

Unique Sound

Experience unmatched spectral processing quality with our innovative audio algorithms. Fine-tune it to perfection using our advanced workstations.


LFOs, Random Generators, Amp & Pitch Followers and more! With our built-in modulation system, your audio will pulsate with life, adding excitement and energy to every note.

All Platforms

All our products are available as
VST3, AU, AAX & AUv3 on
Windows, Mac & iOS.

Easy To Use

Our plugins share a unified user interface, ensuring that once you know how to navigate one, you’ll effortlessly master them all.

Free Trial

Experience our products before making a purchase. Just download the installer and try them.
No signups, no nonsense, no hassle.

Custom Design

Personalize your audio plugin experience with the ability to choose from various skins and sizes.

Magic Series

With an EQ, you can adjust volume per frequency, but imagine the wonders you could create by applying the same sorcery to any audio effect parameter!
The impossible becomes possible in the realm of our Magic Series, our state-of-the-art Spectral Audio Processing Workstations.

Unlock the full potential of your audio production with our MagicBundle. Get all our magic plugins at once for a discounted price of 30% off.


Latest Releases

MagicFusion is here

The World’s First Spectral Vocoder!
This is not your average vocoder. Oh no, it defies convention and transcends the analog limitations of its counterparts. No mere band pass filters and signal followers here! This wizardry operates in the frequency domain, harnessing the very essence of sound itself.


MMM is now available for FREE

Are you ready to add a little “Mmmph” to your music production?
Look no further than MMM - the Magic Midi Modulator that’s so good, you’ll be saying mmMMMmm all day long!


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About GS DSP

GS DSP is short for Gustav Scholda Digital Signal Processing and was founded by Gustav Scholda in 2020.

Some know GS DSP for its plugins FRQ•Shift and spctrl•eq in collaboration with the great people at Tonsturm. Some know Gustav for his Kyma related work at Cristian Vogel’s NeverEngineLabs. Some don’t know anything about that, and it doesn’t really matter.
What does matter is that in 2021 James Swift joined the company, and together we are now able to deliver you state-of-the-art audio plugins that were previously beyond our reach.


UI Design & Graphics:
Samo Korošec

Artist Presets:
CID RIM Cristian Vogel DataBroth Zanshin

Beta Testing:
Alan Jackson, Alex Retsis aka Qebo, Andreas Frostholm, Casey Genton, Charlie Norton, Clemens Bacher aka CID RIM, Cristian Vogel, David Henkel, David Schreiber-Ranner, Gerd Funabiki-Senz, Herbert Pirker, Ian Fenton, Jim O’Rourke, Knut Kaulke, Peter Vorlaender, Spandex, Neil Wells, Randy Jones, Sudara, Zanshin

3rd Party Libraries:
ccache CPM {fmt} json JUCE keyzy pffft

Thanks to:
Andrea, Clemens Radauer, Julia Scholda-Baumhackl, Pete Johnston, Waltraud, Willibald Rosner